Disciplined trading is A click away.

TradersImpulse™ helps you build proper habits and maintain discipline as a trader using AITime-Locked Technology 🔒.

Compatible with Any prop firm/broker that allows ea's
🔒 Time-Locked Technology:

Control Your Trading Impulses With Ease

Crafting a top-notch trading plan is only half the game; the real challenge is staying on course. Our AI & time-lock tech serves as your 24/7 trading coach: set your rules, and for a designated period, we ensure that any trades taken outside of your rules are instantly closed. 

Smart Notification

Stop bad trading habits in their tracks

Humans naturally thrive on incentives and rewards, and that’s what we’re all about. Stay on track with your trading rules and see your “Disciplined Trader Streak” climb.

Rack up those days, and you’ll snag exclusive certificates of achievement to mark your journey and be entered in our TradersImpulse™ giveaways.

Slip up? A minimal commission charge and a slight trade loss will give you that gentle nudge, reminding you of the path forward. It’s not about penalizing, but about encouraging consistency, rewarding dedication, and keeping those trading habits sharp.

Lot Size Limiter

Stay within bounds! Set your maximum lot size, and any position sizes that breach will be partialed out or closed automatically back to your max allowance.

Trades Per Day Limit

Keep your daily trades in check. Define your limit, and any extras will be closed immediately.

Trading Window Limit

Trade on your terms. Define your active trading window, like the popular NY and London sessions. Try to take trades outside your window? Consider them closed.

Equity Limit

Guard your gains. Set your drawdown and profit thresholds and our system acts as your safety net, closing trades when either is hit.

Real-time Notifications

Never be in the dark. Get real-time notifications when ANY action has been taken, keeping you always in the loop.

Reinforce Good Habits

Cultivate winning trading habits with us. With every good decision, watch your trading prowess flourish and grow.