In order to start using TradersImpulse, we need to link your Metatrader Account to our platform.

Set Up Push Notifications ****

In order to receive notifications to your mobile device, you need to first sync your Metatrader mobile app w/ our platform.

  1. Download and Open the Metatrader mobile app on your phone

  2. Navigate to Settings > Chat and messages > At the bottom of the screen you should see Metaquotes ID

  3. Copy and save your Metaquotes ID, we will need this in a future step

  4. Make sure to turn on notifications via your Android or IOS phone settings

  5. Settings > Notifications > MetaTrader


  6. Once this is done, you’ll be able to receive notifications directly to your mobile device

Linking Your Trading Account

1. Login to TradersImpulse.com and click on dashboard

  1. Click on the “account” button from the tool bar on the left.
  2. Once you’re on the account page, click manage under the trading account tab.
  1. Input the required trading account and Metaquotes ID information in the correct fields. Please make sure to verify all numbers and letter are correct to successfully link your account. If any information is incorrect, TradersImpulse will not be able to operate successfully.
  2. When finished click the Submit button
  3. Head back to the accounts page. Once there, click manage under trading limits to set the limits you want in place for your trading account.
  1. Input the required information into the correct fields for the limits you would like set for the account.
  2. Once you have verified that all information is correct, click Submit. (If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact support via the support page in your dashboard or live chat during business hours.)
  3. After submission is completed please allow up to 1 hour during business hours for your account to be setup.